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Sealy絲漣床褥 x 屯門千色店床上用品展 低至5折

【 Sealy絲漣床褥 x 屯門千色店床上用品展| 酒店護脊床褥及睡枕 低至5折】


Sealy mattresses are the designated brand for many five-star hotels worldwide and feature multiple cutting-edge patented technologies. Upholding a century-old tradition of spinal support mattresses, the patented spinal support springs automatically adjust to provide different levels of support, keeping your spine naturally aligned and creating a more comfortable and high-quality experience for you. All our products are treated with USA Microban® for antibacterial and anti-dust mite functionality, ensuring a healthy sleep environment.

5星級酒店護脊床褥及睡枕 低至5折


SpineCare Original床褥 5折
Promotion from $4,960


SpineCare Original is the champion of spine care mattresses. PostureTech® coils conform closely to your body, dispersing pressure and offering firm support to keep your spine aligned.

Hotel Legend床褥 55折


A 5-star hotels mattress which is specially designed for optimal spine and back support. The comfort foam releases shoulder pressure for side sleepers.


Platinum III 55折


Platinum III軟硬適中,滿足不同的睡眠喜好,配合PostureTech .專利彈簧設計,讓脊椎得到最佳承托,加上Unikey .專利圍邊設計,使床褥加倍舒適耐用,造就更長久的酣睡體驗。

Pro Relax Mattress 50% off
Promotion from $9,960

RRP from $19,920

Pro Relax is well balanced medium softness supportive mattress. With Posture Tech® Titanium Coil and Unikey® Edge Support System surrounds the full perimeter of the mattress. It ensures side support and greater stability all round, so even if you always get out of bed on the same side, the mattress will not slump.


全線酒店護頸睡枕 一個6折 2個5折


Our Hotel Comfort Pillow provides the support to help relax your shoulder and neck muscles. With its highly breathable fabric, no matter which sleeping position(s) you prefer, Hotel Comfort Pillow delivers an unparalleled, hotel-grade sleeping experience.

屯門時代廣場L3 南翼 Citistore床上用品展區

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