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Legacy Collection

Legacy Collection

Rillston - Crafted by Australian experts, the Legacy collection from Sealy Mattress provides three-phase optimal support, backed by our patented coil design, which stays close to all your body’s curves. Ergonomic-based edge support relieves stress in all directions so you can enjoy luxurious comfort.


State-of-the-art Technology





ReST® System

As the highest grade of Sealy coils, the ReSTSUPPORT® System delivers perfect comfort. Its 3-stage support is unique on the market and backed by exceptional technology and quality.

UniCased® XT Edge Support

UniCased® XT is our most advanced edge support system. Surrounding the perimeter and base of the mattress, and its coil-inspired, channel-edge design responds to weight gradually. With keys locking into the inner spring, plus a wider edge, it ensures even more stability.

PlusComfortCore® Plus

Based on ComfortCore®, the upgraded version adds gel-infused visco elastic foam which offers even better conformance and enhanced spinal support.

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