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Resort Maison

Equipped with PostureTech® coil, Resort Maison provides gentle and reliable support. The mattress is also equipped with a comfort layer that offers just the right combination of softness and firmness to support every part of your body. By soothing your muscles with a vacation-like feeling of ease and relaxation, you wake up feeling renewed and invigorated.

  • Available at all Sealy Galleries
  • Extra Firm
  • from HK$8,341


Optimised Support


Stress Relief

PostureTech® Coil

Based on ergonomic design, the PostureTech® coil responds to body weight and pressure, and adjusts its support so your spine is naturally aligned and your body is relaxed.

Unikey .edge support system

The Unikey® support system offers enhanced durability and edge-to-edge sleep surface, preventing sagging on edges over time.

Quality Comfort Layer

Stress-relieving comfort layer minimises the pressure points on your body, so your whole body can relax and get to a good sleep.

Mattress Size

Size can be customised, please contact our sales for details.

Suitable for one91 x 183 / 190
One person who wants a little more space107 x 190
Plenty of space for one and cozy for two. Great for smaller bedrooms and guestrooms where a standard double won’t quite fit122 x 183 / 190
Designed to sleep two adults comfortably137 x 183 / 190
Plenty of room for two. Suitable for larger bedrooms only152 x 190 / 198 / 203
Abundant room for two. Perfect for couples who prefer their own space160 x 198
168 x 198
If you and your partner often share your bed with pets or young children, this is probably a good fit for you183 x 190 / 198 / 203
The king of kings, the largest of them all. A luxurious sleeping experience198 x 198 / 203

*The above measures are approximate. A variance of +/- 2cm should be accepted.

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