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Hotel Signature Collection

Elevate your bedtime with the Hotel Signature Collection – crafted from world-class materials and edge support technology for a supreme sleep experience akin to a 5-star hotel. Each mattress boasts Unicased® XT construction, featuring latest patented coils and pressure-relief systems to minimise partner disturbances, preserving your stable and opulent dreamscape.


Patented Design

Luxurious comfort

Hotel Luxury

AlignSupport™ Coil

The AlignSupport™ Coil offers enhanced responsiveness and support. The design tracks the smallest change in your contours and cushion your body from a gentle start towards steady support for the spine when you are deep in sleep, delivering comfort.

UniCased® XT Edge Support

UniCased® XT is our most advanced edge support system. Surrounding the perimeter and base of the mattress, and its coil-inspired, channel-edge design responds to weight gradually. With keys locking into the inner spring, plus a wider edge, it ensures even more stability.


These multiple, stress-relieving materials conform to and support your spine, whether you are lying on your back or side. Soon, you will experience less back pain.

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