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Available in different styles
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Neck Care Contour Pillow

HK$ 1,580

Crafted with premium memory foam and a contour design, Neck Care Contour Pillow naturally supports your head, neck and shoulders while ensuring proper alignment. It delivers a continuous high level of soothing pressure relief throughout the night, safeguarding your spine and accommodating any sleep position with ease. Experience personalised plush comfort for a restful sleep, made even more convenient with a removable and washable cover for easy refreshing.


Neck Care Max Pillow

HK$ 1,480

Perfectly made for broad shoulders and well-built sleepers, filled with extra layers of cotton fibres for firmer and stable support to fit your shoulder, neck, and spine. It can reduce the pressure on your upper body while keeping your neck curvature perfectly aligned. Giving you the best support during sleep and waking up feeling refreshed and energized.


Imperial Memory Foam Down Pillow

HK$ 2,580

An innovative pillow-in-a-pillow takes the stress out of your day. Imperial Memory Foam Down Pillow features 100% luxurious comfort of goose down outer wrap while the memory foam core helps to relieve pressure points and provides ample support for your head and neck throughout the night. Designed for higher levels of overall comfort, this sumptuous pillow will be your favourite companion come night time.


Imperial Latex Down Pillow

HK$ 2,580

The heavenly match of latex’s support and down’s comfort, Imperial Latex Down Pillow with gently resilient latex core provides responsive support while it offers maximum adjustability and fluffy cradling for your head and neck with a removable outer wrap of 100% goose down. You’ll be treated to an unparalleled level of luxurious comfort as you sleep with this innovative designed pillow.


Neck Care Pillow

HK$ 1,080

Your spine is well-protected by a quality mattress, but your neck and shoulders need support too! Neck Care Pillow moulds to the unique shapes of your neck and shoulders, providing firm yet comfortable support. With Neck Care Pillow, you can enjoy a good night sleep, from head to toe.


Hotel Comfort Pillow

HK$ 800 - 950

Our Hotel Comfort Pillow provides the support to help relax your shoulder and neck muscles. With its highly breathable fabric, no matter which sleeping position(s) you prefer, Hotel Comfort Pillow delivers an unparalleled, hotel-grade sleeping experience.