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Buying Tips

Do the Sealy Comfort test and let your body be the judge

  • Lie down on your back for a few minutes with your feet off the floor. Relax, get comfortable.
  • Roll over onto your side. The mattress should gently support and mould to the entire length of your body. You shouldn’t feel any pressure points.
  • Sit on the edge of the bed. Do you feel your weight being supported?

Mattress preference change from Firm to Soft

  • You should also try the Medium models
  • It’s a sign you need a softer mattress for better muscle relaxation
  • A good soft mattress should support your body just as well as a firm mattress

Mattress preference change from Soft to Firm

  • You should also try the Medium models
  • It’s a sign that your current mattress may be too soft, without enough support. You need a mattress that encourages a better sleeping position and muscle relaxation
  • A good firm mattress should provide solid yet pressure relieving support

Pressure relief is important for you

  • You should spend a little time (at least 3 minutes) testing how well a mattress relives shoulder and arm pressure while sleeping on your side
  • Effective pressure relief should come from the Comfort Layers as well as the Coil System and the Base technology
  • If pressure relief only comes from the Comfort layers, you’ll feel pressure where your shoulder presses into the mattress

Edges’ support and durability is important to you

  • You should spend checking that mattress’s edges are durable and offer long lasting support

Avoid mattresses that trap humidity and moisture

  • A coil system allows air flow to disperse moisture in a humid living space

Pillow Buying Tips

Moderate height: supports natural alignment of neck and spine

Too high or too low: lack of neck and spine support

Bedframe Buying Tip

Choosing the right bedframe can increase storage space and enhance comfort in the bedroom. Make sure the design and components meet safety standards. Sealy offers German gas-spring bedframe and automatic bedframe with storage units. For more useful information, check out our bedframe page.

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