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What makes Sealy extraordinary?

Patented Technology Surrounds You

Thanks to leading capabilities in scientific research – and backed by over a century of orthopaedic mattress tradition – Sealy continues to adopt breakthrough technologies and innovations to build a better, healthier sleeping experience just for you.

Patented Coils

GPS for Your Mattress – mapping your contours and positions

PostureTech® Titanium Coil

Based on ergonomic design, the PostureTech® Titanium coil responds to body weight and pressure from different areas, and adjusts its support so your spine is naturally aligned, your body is relaxed, and you are fully rested.

AlignSupport™ Coil
The AlignSupport™ Coil offers enhanced responsiveness and support. The design tracks the smallest change in your contours and cushion your body from a gentle start towards steady support for the spine when you are deep in sleep, delivering comfort.

ReST® System
As the highest grade of Sealy coils, the ReST® System delivers perfect comfort. Its 3-stage support is unique on the market and, backed by exceptional technology and quality, creates a weightless sense of comfort – almost as though you’re sleeping on water.

Market Unique 3-Stage Support

  • Stage 1
    The first stage, at the top of the coil, is the SynerFlex® surface. This free floating micro-coil conforms to provide the seamless transition between the cushioning layers above to the deeper support below provided by the coil core.
  • Stage 2
    The SRx® Core support design offers a distinct starting phase: the coil is initially flatter and softer, giving more natural, gentler support.
  • Stage 3
    After a while, your whole body relaxes. As pressure increases, the coil enters its third phase, where support comes from deep down in the mattress, thanks to by the steeper turns at the base of the coil and ensuring your spine stays naturally aligned.

Why are Sealy coils better?

Titanium Made
These coils are made of titanium, a high-tech material commonly used in aerospace technology due its light weight, resilience and durability.

Double Heat Setting Process
Our impeccable manufacturing process follows more complicated procedures than others. It includes two rounds of heat setting, which boosts durability, resilience and flexibility.

Edge Support

Pressure Relief Air Cushion System to Boost Functionality and Durability

EdgeGuard™ edge support system
EdgeGuard® edge support system is made of polyethylene beams, giving the mattress a firm edge without drastically adding weight.

UniCased® Edge Support
UniCased® is an advanced edge support system that ensures even side support and greater stability all round. Even if you climb off the bed from one side, the mattress will not slump. It also increases the useable by 10% compared with regular mattresses.

UniCased® XT Edge Support
In a step up from UniCased®, UniCased® XT is our most advanced edge support system. Surrounding the perimeter and base of the mattress, and is a breakthrough edge support system that combines KeyGuard and a BasePlank, and its coil-inspired, channel-edge design responds to weight gradually. With keys locking into the inner spring, plus a wider edge, it ensures even more stability than our UniCased® edge guard.

Comfort Layer

Multiple Spine Protection to Heal Back Pains

ComfortCore® Latex
Our spines support the whole weight of our upper bodies, and the pressure is immense. Sleep is the only time for the spine to rest. As such, Sealy injects ComfortCore® Latex in mattresses, and these multiple, stress-relieving materials conform to and support your spine, whether you are lying on your back or side. This minimises the pressure points on your body and removes weight your middle so your whole body can relax. Soon, you will experience less back pain.

ComfortCore® Plus
Based on ComfortCore® Latex, the upgraded version adds gel-infused visco elastic foam into the centre of the mattress for superior conforming and enhanced spinal support.

How is Sealy good for your health?

  • Green Foam
    Sealy uses quality green foam tested and approved by Good Environmental Choice Australia as being free of toxic and harmful ingredients, so you can enjoy comfort that’s safe and green.
  • No heavy metals
  • No carcinogens or harmful substances
  • No formaldehyde
  • Minimises your environmental footprint
  • Environmentally friendly and ethical production

Other Technologies

How are Sealy’s designs people-centric?

LiftRight® Handle
Our patented handles are located on each corner of the mattress as additional gripping points, to make moving your mattress easier. Balancing aesthetics and mechanics, the special design saves effort so you are less likely to pull a muscle. We take care of your wellbeing and comfort even with the smallest details.

How does Sealy make sleep breezy?

Smartex® Fabric
Sealy employs Smartex® Fabric, which automatically channels away heat and lowers humidity according to temperature changes. This helps maintain a steady temperature and a dry, hygienic environment for fresh, cosy sleep.

Highly Breathable Edges
Sealy mattresses have highly breathable edges added to the comfort layer to regulate heat and humidity. This improves sleep quality and protects your mattress from mould, so it lasts longer.

How does Sealy make your mattresses cleaner?

All fabric used undergoes special treatment to prevent mould growth and dust mites.

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