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Hotel Collection Hotel Collection

The mattress of choice for multiple, famous 5-star hotel brands, the Hotel Collection brings the 5-star experience to you. Every mattress is equipped with world-class quality material and cutting-edge technology to match different postures and requirements. Now, you can enjoy a 5-star sleep at home.


Smart Fabric
Optimised Support
Hotel Luxury

PostureTech® Coil

Based on ergonomic design, the PostureTech® coil responds to body weight and pressure, and adjusts its support so your spine is naturally aligned and your body is relaxed.

UniCased® Edge Support

UniCased® is an advanced edge support system, using air cushion design to release body pressure. It ensures side support and greater stability all round, so even if you always get out of bed on the same side, your mattress will not slump. It also increases the sleeping space.

Quality Comfort Layer

Stress-relieving comfort layer minimises the pressure points on your body, so your whole body can relax and get to a good sleep.