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About Sealy

Our History

A Rich Heritage Since 1881

For over a century, Sealy has been dedicated to creating luxurious sleep experiences.

In 1881, the first Sealy mattresses were made in a small town in Texas called Sealy.

In 1950, Sealy teamed up with several of the world’s top orthopaedic surgeons to launch the first Sealy Posturepedic brand mattress, the only mattress in the industry designed to prioritise correct back support.

Australian Mattresses from Self-Owned Factories

Sealy of Australia, previously Madad Pty Ltd., began trading in Brisbane in 1923. The company originally built furniture and bedding components. In the late 1960s, it began manufacturing the Sealy brand under license from Sealy Inc. in the USA.

With five manufacturing plants and over 750 employees around Australia, Sealy has achieved the highest reputation for professionalism and quality. For many years, the company’s flagship brand, Sealy Posturepedic, has been the highest selling premium bedding brand in Australia.

Quality Assurance Across the World

Sealy of Australia, in partnership with Sealy Inc., expanded into Asia Pacific in 2000, opening offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea and Malaysia with the aim of developing high-end mattresses that meet local demand and sleep preferences.

Now, Sealy owns a strong and extensive business portfolio, with offices in the Americas, Africa and Asia, as well as specialty stores, counters and agents all over the globe.

Why Sealy?

Every Sealy mattress is tested by experts, combining exceptional craftsmanship, outstanding technology and unique patents. From research and development to production, Sealy maintains the highest quality to provide you with the most comfort and the best sleeping experience.

11 Reasons to Choose Sealy

Leading Patents

  • ReST® System
  • UniCased® XT Edge Support
  • ComfortCore® Plus
  • LiftRight® Handle
  • Smartex® Fabric Treatment

Learn more about Sealy’s patents


Innovative Breakthroughs

Over the years, Sealy has maintained a highly professional approach to creating industry-leading mattresses. Backed by decades of research and development, each Sealy mattress is created with several patented technologies that ensure unparalleled comfort. No aspect of quality is left to chance.

Every component is subjected to simulated time/wear and fatigue testing. The performance and quality of each component, from the cotton in the quilt on top of the bed to the castors on the base, is a known and proven factor.

What’s more, Sealy continuously strives for breakthroughs, with new technology being launched every year. These innovations, ranging from patented coils, comfort layers and edge support to new material combinations, are all designed to improve mattress performance. With a better understanding of what users need, Sealy aims to design and provide healthier sleep for everyone.

Guaranteed Quality Made in Australia

Sealy mattresses are crafted with care and attention to detail in our own factories. Continuing the tradition of Australian quality manufacturing, Sealy is committed to delivering exceptional sleeping experiences to people all over the world. We take that commitment so seriously that on an average day, Sealy Australia makes more than 950 top quality mattresses. And given that each one is individually crafted, that number is astronomical!

Orthopaedic Advisory Board

Orthopaedic Advisory Board

In 2006, Sealy US formed the Orthopaedic Advisory Board, to continue to building on Sealy’s rich orthopaedic heritage. It focuses on developments and innovations that contribute to consumers’ orthopaedic health and provide more restful and recuperative sleep.

The Orthopaedic Advisory Board collaborates with Sealy’s leaders in research and technology innovation to help Sealy:

  • Develop advancements that offer orthopaedically correct support and contribute to overall orthopaedic health.
  • Understand the nature of sleep and sleep problems, and design products that meet consumers’ evolving needs.
  • Direct and oversee academic sleep studies and research.

Consisting of eminent orthopaedic surgeons, researchers and clinicians, the Board leads Sealy’s medical research and development efforts.

Orthopaedically Correct Design

The Orthopaedic Advisory Board developed the concept and defined the measures and criteria for orthopaedically correct design. Here’s how it works:

  • The more supportive the mattress is, the more pressure points are created.
  • The more pressure relief the mattress offers, the less support you get.
  • To eliminate tossing and turning caused by uncomfortable pressure points, you need the perfect balance of proper back support and targeted pressure relief.

Environmental Sustainability

Sustainable Green Practices

Sealy Australia is committed to sustainable green practices to protect the environment while developing and maintaining product quality, so the world can enjoy better sleep experiences for a longer time.

  • Sealy Posturepedic mattresses are made of 90% environmentally friendly material
  • Sealy uses plantation lumber to build mattress foundations
  • Sealy minimises its carbon footprint throughout the production process


World Renowned Quality

With its rich history, Sealy leads the industry with innovative patented mattresses that deliver exceptional sleep experiences. Our exquisite craftsmanship and innovative research have been globally recognised with countless awards and Sealy has become the designated mattress brand for many international 5-star hotels.

5-Star Recognition

Sealy mattresses are the preferred choice of many international 5-star hotels, delivering world-class sleeping experiences across the entire globe.


  • CANSTAR BLUE “Most Satisfied Customers” Award* for Mattress Brands

    Canstar Blue helps consumers make informed decisions by performing customer satisfaction research and collecting consumer ratings. It commissions Colmar Brunton and I-view to survey samples of the Australian population that broadly represent the whole. Over 90,000 Australians have reviewed brands across more than 100 Canstar Blue categories.

    In 2017 and 2018, Canstar Blue reviewed several mattress brands based on factors including value for money, comfort, support, durability, quality of sleep and overall customer satisfaction. Sealy was the top performer, earning 5-star ratings across the board and winning the award for "Best in Overall Customer Satisfaction" for two consecutive years.

  • TRUSTED BRANDS Australia: “Mattresses”
    Trusted Brands conducts a survey each year to find out which brands consumers trust most. It is commissioned by Roy Morgan to survey 2,450 Australian adults on brands across 71 categories. The participants rated the brands for each category. Sealy Posturepedic is the proud winner of the “Most Trusted Brand” in the mattresses category.
  • Australia’s Leading Luxury Mattress Brand

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