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Posture Premier Collection Posture Premier Collection

The Posture Premier collection provides quality support thanks to our patented coil design, enabling micro-adjustments to fulfil the sleeping needs of different body types. Enhanced edge support increases the mattress’s useable area and durability, offering physical and mental wellbeing through comfort and value.


Value for Money
Back Care

PostureTech® Coil

Based on ergonomic design, the PostureTech® coil responds to body weight and pressure, and adjusts its support so your spine is naturally aligned and your body is relaxed.

EdgeGuard™ edge support system

EdgeGuard® edge support system is made of polyethylene beams, giving the mattress a firm edge without drastically adding weight.

Quality Comfort Layer

Stress-relieving comfort layer minimises the pressure points on your body, so your whole body can relax and get to a good sleep.