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Sealy x Wing On Bedding Fair up to 50% off

Sealy x Wing On Bedding Fair up to 50% off

To sleep soundly, a Sealy mattress with spinal support is essential! Now, visit Wing On Department Store (Sheung Wan and Nathan Road) to experience Sealy mattress and enjoy exclusive discounts of up to 50% off!

Sealy mattresses are the designated brand for many five-star hotels worldwide and feature multiple cutting-edge patented technologies. Upholding a century-old tradition of spinal support mattresses, the patented spinal support springs automatically adjust to provide different levels of support, keeping your spine naturally aligned and creating a more comfortable and high-quality experience for you. All our products are treated with USA Microban® for antibacterial and anti-dust mite functionality, ensuring a healthy sleep environment.

Hot Picks

SpineCare Collection 50% off
Promotion from $4,960

RRP from $9,980

With the patented coils, the mattress is close-fitting. During sleep, it can relax muscles and promote blood circulation, allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted and high-quality sleep experience.



Pro Elite Mattress 60% off (Limited qty)
Promotion from $6,664

RRP from $16,660

With a high-density top layer that provides firm support, combined with the PostureTech® patented spring design, the mattress helps maintain a natural spinal alignment. In addition, the Unikey® strengthens the edge support of the bed, effectively increasing the usable surface area of the mattress.

Pro Relax Mattress 50% off
Promotion from $9,960

RRP from $19,920

Pro Relax is well balanced medium softness supportive mattress. With Posture Tech® Titanium Coil and Unikey® Edge Support System surrounds the full perimeter of the mattress. It ensures side support and greater stability all round, so even if you always get out of bed on the same side, the mattress will not slump.


*Promotion apply to selected models only. Terms & conditions apply. In case of any disputes, Sealy Asia (Hong Kong) Limited reserves the right of final decision.


Wing On Plus, Yaumatei
Tel:2385 5886

Wing On, Sheung Wan
Tel:2851 0311

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