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Royal Infinity

Built with just the right amount of comfort. Our DSS (Dual Support System) senses your body pressure and offers personalized support and stability. ComfortCore® provides great pressure relief to elevate your sleep experience.

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  • Medium
  • From HK$26,300


Peaceful Sharing
Back Care
Breathable Design

Dual Support System

Made of titanium with PostureTech Coil .®for the core layer, and covered with Syner-Flex™on the top and the bottom. It provides optimal support and comfort without pressure points, giving you the most delicate support ever.

UniCased® Edge Support

UniCased® is an advanced edge support system, using air cushion design to release body pressure. It ensures side support and greater stability all round, so even if you always get out of bed on the same side, your mattress will not slump. It also increases the sleeping space.


These multiple, stress-relieving materials conform to and support your spine, whether you are lying on your back or side. Soon, you will experience less back pain.

Mattress Size

Size can be customised, please contact our sales for details.

Suitable for one91 x 183 / 190
One person who wants a little more space107 x 190
Plenty of space for one and cozy for two. Great for smaller bedrooms and guestrooms where a standard double won’t quite fit122 x 183 / 190
Designed to sleep two adults comfortably137 x 183 / 190
Plenty of room for two. Suitable for larger bedrooms only152 x 190 / 198 / 203
Abundant room for two. Perfect for couples who prefer their own space160 x 190 / 198
168 x 198
If you and your partner often share your bed with pets or young children, this is probably a good fit for you183 x 190 / 198 / 203
The king of kings, the largest of them all. A luxurious sleeping experience198 x 198 / 203

*The above measures are approximate. A variance of +/- 2cm should be accepted.