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Grand Centurion

A stable, supportive feel throughout. Our UniCased® XT is built for extra edge support. With ComfortCore® layer and SRx II Titanium® Coil, it provides personalized support and comfort to your spinal cord. To achieve a truly rejuvenation restful night's sleep for the body.

  • Available at Wing On
  • Medium
  • From HK$28,880


Edge Support

Patented Coils



SRx II .Titanium® Coil

An upgrade from the Posture Tech® coil, the SRx I® coil, offers enhanced responsiveness and support. The design tracks the smallest change in your contours and .cushions your body weight seamlessly.

UniCased® XT Edge Support

UniCased® XT is our most advanced edge support system. Surrounding the perimeter and base of the mattress, and its coil-inspired, channel-edge design responds to weight gradually. With keys locking into the inner spring, plus a wider edge, it ensures even more stability.


These multiple, stress-relieving materials conform to and support your spine, whether you are lying on your back or side. Soon, you will experience less back pain.

Mattress Size

Suitable for one91 x 190 / 203
One person who wants a little more space105 x 203
Designed to sleep two adults comfortably138 x 190
Plenty of room for two. Suitable for larger bedrooms only150 x 200
152 x 190 / 198 / 203
If you and your partner often share your bed with pets or young children, this is probably a good fit for you180 x 200
183 x 190 / 198 / 203
183 x 213
The king of kings, the largest of them all. A luxurious sleeping experience193 x 203
200 x 200
200 x 220

*The above measures are approximate. A variance of +/- 2cm should be accepted.

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