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Sealy絲漣床褥 全年最抵 全線專門店Mega Sale $5,966起

【澳洲No.1 承托力床褥 全年最抵 全線專門店Mega Sale $5,966起】

Sealy絲漣床褥由國際骨科醫學顧問團隊共同研發,係澳洲No.1 承托力床褥^🏆!設有三大床褥系列:超值、輕奢、奢華,每款都兼備承托力及舒適度,令您享受到優質嘅睡眠!指定型號仲送高達$4,360床上用品!

全線專門店全年最抵 低至半價再95折


Value For Money
SmartSupport Original Mattress
50% off & Extra 5% off
Promotion price from $5,966

RRP from $12,560

SmartSupport Original is a beacon of extra-hard mattresses. PostureTech® coils sense weight and provide gradual support to help muscles relax and protect your spine.

50% off & Extra 5% off


The Australian-made Goldfield mattress with Sealy's patented PostureLux® titanium six-coil springs offers strong and reliable support to help your muscles relax while you sleep. Its meticulous design soothes away the stresses of everyday life, so you wake up feeling refreshed in body and mind.



5-Star Hotel Sleeping Experience
Hotel Sensation II Mattress
40% off & Extra 5% off
Promotion from $11,788

RRP from $20,560

A perfect balance of firmness and softness mattress ─Hotel Sensation. Crafted with innovation and the analysis of various five-star hotel mattresses, Hotel Elegance will bring you better comfort and protection for your spine. With PostureTech® coil spring technology, you can feel the mattress cuddling your body once you lie down and providing perfect support to align your spine. A truly beyond five-star quality mattress, it gives you blissfully sleep experience.

Best Seller
Lexa Mattress
up to 48% off
Promotion from $17,628

RRP from $33,900

Firm and supportive, Lexa is equipped with AlignSupport™ titanium coil that micro-adjusts to your weight and movements to hold your body, providing you comfortable sleep like never before.


Upon purchasing selected mattresses
add-on offer from $6,600*

add-on bedframe Sealy雙人儲物床架

Sealy stylish bed frame fulfills multiple desires at once. It features an extra-large storage space underneath the bed, making the bedroom more flexible. It can also be paired with various aesthetically pleasing and functional headboards, creating a sleep set that is unique to you! Create your own 5-star bedroom!

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*vs Sealy R&D testing of competitor product at similar prices; Terms & conditions apply.

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