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Does a lower price necessarily mean a good deal?

Your mattress - good price, good buy? Considering we spend around a third of our lives sleeping, finding the right mattress should be a top priority. A savvy buyer should always shop around before making a this critical purchase. Besides the price, it’s important to think about whether a mattress actually delivers on its promises. Is it a good deal? This isn’t determined by the price so much as what underpins that price. Only a mattress that delivers beyond the price point can be considered good value.

The difference between grey goods and genuine goods

There are quite a few unofficial channels in the market offering brand name mattresses that are actually grey goods or parallel imports. There’s no denying that grey goods are cheaper than genuine goods, but are they really a bargain? There can be a world of difference between the grey and genuine mattresses. Here are the three facts you should know.

1. Patented technology?

Unofficial sellers claim to be selling the same pocket sprung mattresses with the same patented technology as the ones we offer in Sealy Hong Kong. However, this is not true!

Sealy official galleries and sleep zones have always strived to provide a good night’s sleep to the people of Hong Kong, bringing the best patented sprung technology to the local market. Sealy Hong Kong ’s official channel offers genuine Sealy products, made with ergonomic designs such as PostureTech®, SRx® and ReST® coil, which act as a GPS to fit your body’s contours automatically. Our unique three-level support feature also helps to keep your spine in a natural position, dispersing your weight and releiveing pressure points. Moreover, genuine Sealy products are made with EdgeGuard™ system and UniCased® construction, using a polyethylene beam to give the mattress a stronger edge, increasing the overall surface area of the mattress.

So what about the “Sealy” pocket sprung mattresses being touted through unofficial channels? The sellers’ main consideration is offering a cheaper product and mattresses are NOT made with Sealy’s patented technology. Unfortunately buyers think they’re getting a quality Sealy mattress at a bargain price, but this simply isn’t true.

2. Place of origin?

It’s impossible to know how is a mattress structured and what manufacturing materials are used just by looking at it. Most of the time, grey goods or parallel imports only provide information about place of origin, but are unable to prove if they are actually imported by the brand or if they have passed quality tests.

Sealy Hong Kong offers high-quality Australian-made mattresses, only. All components have passed numerous trials and attrition tests, meeting strict manufacturing standards, from the top cotton layer to the sprung layer.

At Sealy’s galleries and sleep zones, quality is guaranteed.

3. Warranty services?

Mattress quality has always been Sealy Hong Kong’s top priority. When you purchase our mattresses from a designated gallery or sleep zone, you will receive a 10-year manufacturer warranty. All replacement materials and components are provided by the original manufacturer to maintain quality and safety standards. Unofficial channels do not offer the same. If a customer finds a defect in the parallel imported mattress, even within just one month of buying it, grey good traders may insist they pay a fee for new components.

Are genuine goods worth the price?

In addition to the benefits explored above, Sealy of Australia has the largest and most advanced center for reasearching and testing mattresses. Among all the world’s mattress manufacturers, Sealy invests the most in studying the sleeping experience and developing new and improved products. Sealy of Australia is the primary manufacturer of top-notch mattresses for the Asia-Pacific region, making on average 950 mattresses per day to satisfy demand. These include the very highest quality hand-sewn mattresses. In addition, Sealy Australia was voted Best in Overall Customer Satisfaction for two years in a row in a survey conducted by independent third party Canstar Blue.

Genuine goods offer benefits that go well beyond the price tag. Grey goods at a lower prices are not the deals they appear to be, and it’s vital that customers make their purchases through official outlets. Our genuine, patented technology products are only available through Sealy galleries and sleep zones.

We are your best choice.