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Five-star hotel frequent-guest's tips: how to create a five-star bedroom at home

Christy Leung and Jerry.C  are both a travel influencer. They have spent all their nights on those five-star hotels while traveling. They definitely know about what mattress is best for them! Check out this video to see their insight on how they choose the mattress, bed frame and how they design the bedroom.

[ Five-star hotel frequent-guest: Redecorate to five-star bed at home with Christy Leung ]

In this episode of “5 Star Bed At Home”, Christy shares the way how she decorates her bedroom from furniture to bedding to complete her journey of five-star bed at home.

[ Travel Expert shares tips: Redecorate to five-star bed at home with Jerry.C ]

Jerry.C has traveled 70 countries over the past 10 years and has stayed all the five-star hotels across the countries. In this episode of “5-Star Bed At Home”, Jerry is showing us the process of his extreme five-star bedroom makeover. He will test out the new mattress with his cute cat. Also, his sleeping quality will be tracked down by sleep monitor for the next 7 days. Watch this episode to see how it turns out!

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