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The Mattress to Cure Back Pain

Most Hong Kong people suffer from back pain because of long hours sitting and working.

You might think this is a daylight issue but it actually affects your sleeping quality. Pain means tossing and turning all night, which means your body can’t rest – this worsens the back pain, of course.

There are many causes for back pain, and may people aren’t aware how a bad mattress can worsen the situation.

Is your mattress comfortable?

If you go to bed feeling good but wake up with back pain, and you haven’t had strenuous exercise the day before, then it may be your mattress and your sleeping posture. Moreover, if your mattress is old, it may have aged too much to provide needed support.

Bad (or aged) mattresses bring other problems too, such as waking up in the middle of the night, tossing and turning, waking up with a stuffy nose, allergies or worsened asthma.

How does your mattress affect sleep quality?

Generally speaking, mattresses that are too hard cannot micro adjust to your spine, resulting in insufficient support. On the other hand, overly soft mattresses may leave you in uncomfortable postures that cause back pain.

People who sleep on their sides usually need softer mattresses to minimise the pressure points on their body. Those who prefer to sleep on their stomach or back like hard mattresses in generally since they spread weight more effectively. Of course, this is only for reference and actual experience depends on the individual.

Mattresses that soothe back pain

Everyone thought harder the mattress, the better it is for the back. Now, many studies have shown that this is wrong.

One thing for sure: a mattress must keep the spine aligned for muscles to truly relax. For this reason, you need mattresses designed by orthopedic professionals. An ideal mattress can spread pressure points evenly according to different weights, so you won’t toss and turn all night.

Sealy’s professional team created the Sealy Posturepedic collection, designing high quality mattresses that focus on supporting spine health with regard of ergonomics, pressure points and muscles.

This is why Sealy works with the Orthopedic Advisory Board to understand how to balance support and comfort. The board consists qualified health professionals who study the science of sleep and postures. With their support, Sealy developed the best technology to create the best mattress designs.

What kind of mattress does your body need?

There is no mattress that fits all. You should at least spend 10 to 12 minutes to test out your preferred posture on different mattresses. That’s how you find the one for you.

Depending on your personal preference and sleeping habits, your optimal mattress maybe sturdy, medium or soft. With Comfort Layer, you can adjust the comfort level of your mattress and provide better support to your lower back.

The more stable your mattress, the less disturbance, which means you can maintain good posture all night, and you will enjoy better sleep quality. Sealy’s Edge Support  helps enhance stress-relief performance and level of support along the edge.

Tricks to improve sleep quality

Your mattress plays a big role in ensuring sweet dreams every night but it is not the only factor. There are many other ways to make you sleep tighter, dream better.

  • Go to sleep and wake up at regular times to stabilise your biological clock.
  • Exercise regularly, unless you have severe back pain. Avoid exercising before bedtime.
  • Avoid ingesting stimulants, such as caffeine or nicotine.
  • Don’t force yourself to sleep. This put you under psychological pressure and make you more anxious.
  • Don’t drink alcohol to make you go to sleep.
  • Try to regulate your stress levels.
  • Only use your bed for sleeping. Don’t work, eat or watch TV in bed.

If you suspect your sleeping condition is due to a health issue, consult a doctor or specialist as soon as possible.

If you suspect it’s all your mattress’s fault…

If you suspect your mattress is the cause of your back pain, our Mattress Selector  can help you pick the right solution. You can also learn more by browsing Sealy’s online mattress catalogue, or book a Sealy Sleep Solution Tour  to get customised sleep advice.