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Why a Sealy Mattress is a Sound Investment

It’s often said that big brands face high overheads, including delivery costs, advertising and rent, which are all eventually passed on to the customer, driving product costs higher. However, a closer look at established international brands reveals other reasons for the price tag, including quality materials and cutting-edge technologies. A Sealy mattress is no different. Do you understand what makes a Sealy mattress worth the money?

Most mattresses on the market are constructed with independent pocket coils, memory foam, five-zone support and foam encasement. Some of them have a low price tag, but they rather lag behind in technology. Local brands tend not to invest in advanced sleep technologies or develop mattresses that suit the particular needs of city dwellers. Backed by decades of technical and professional expertise, Sealy on the other hand, is committed to advanced sleep technologies and to providing a more comfortable mattress, which is tailored, supportive, durable and safe. Here are a few reasons why Sealy is worth every dollar.

As the saying goes, “you get what you pay for”. Sealy has led Australia’s high-end mattress market for many years, with remarkable success. Consumers have the impression that Sealy mattresses are very expensive but in fact there are many reasonably priced entry level mattresses in the range. Here are a few reasons why Sealy is worth every dollar.

1. Leading the bedding industry with multiple unique international patents

Sealy Australia owns the largest number of patents in the bedding industry. We are considered pioneers, introducing new international patented technology almost every other year.

Coil System     UniCased® Edge Support
● Our proprietary coil systems include multiple patents such as PostureTech® coil, SRx Titanium ® and ReST® System . Unlike standard coil systems, Sealy systems have an ergonomic design, which can respond to change in your body’s contours just like a GPS, automatically adjusting support to relieve pressure points. The highest grade of Sealy coil, the ReST® System, enhances responsiveness and support, responding to body weight as a natural cushion. Its 3-stage support is unique in the market. ● To maintain the mattress’ integrity, Sealy even has patented edge support. UniCased® Edge Support uses an air cushion system to further enhance side support and provide greater all-round stability, so even if you always get out of bed on the same side, your mattress won’t slump. As well as increasing the life span of your mattress, it also maximizes the sleeping space thanks to a firm edge. UniCased® Edge Support delivers 10% more usable space around the mattress’ edge as compared to a standard mattress. This is ideal for Hong Kongers, who often have small bedrooms and always get out of bed on the same side. The problem of slumping edges is eradicated.

2. Technological expertise and assured quality

Sealy Australia owns the biggest and most advanced Research and Development Centre in the industry . We invest more than any other mattress manufacturer globally in sleep research, new product development and modification.

  • Sealy Australia is the manufacturing base and main supplier of the highest grade mattresses in the Asia-Pacific region. We produce on average 950 top grade mattresses a day, some crafted by hand. Our quality-assured mattresses are distributed across Australia and to several overseas markets.
  • For two consecutive years, we won the "Best in Overall Customer Satisfaction " award from Canstar Blue, an independent third party organization in Australia.

A Sealy mattress is a work of art and its value goes far beyond overheads. The technology and the resulting good night’s sleep are priceless. We’d like to finish with a gentle reminder: once you’ve selected your ideal mattress model, make sure you purchase it through Sealy stores or our official stockists in department stores. The “Sealy” mattresses offered via non-official channels are not guaranteed to be genuine, and the materials, coil technology and other properties are dubious.