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How the world’s best hotel bed is made? ft. Christy Leung

Popular travel show host Christy Leung, who has spent over many years discovering the world and checked in to the best of hotels around the globe. In these three episodes, she gets a peek inside the hotel mattress, regarding comfort, durability and also pick the best hotel mattress and bedframe for us. So you can experience the same comfort of 5-star hotels sleep at home!

The coils of mattress

There is no doubt that a good quality spring mattress can be comfortable for everybody. Now Christy will show us the specialty about Sealy’s coil design and reasons why 5-star hotel are using Sealy's mattress. The coils of the mattress are made of titanium, which makes it super lightweight and sensitive. It will respond to your natural body curve and adjust to the way you feel the most comfortable and the right amount of support. The most important thing is, aligning your spine straight naturally every night so you will be on your way to a 5 stars sleep experience!


While everybody buys the mattress may be focused on comfort, durability is even more important to consider. Christy has found Sealy’s mattress features Unicased® edge support system which increases the sleeping space and gives greater stability all-round. Designated for those who get out of bed on one side and still keeping the bed balanced and firm.

Choosing the best mattress for you

Having a good bed frame is essential and the foundation to get a wonderful sleep. In this episode, Christy will choose the bed frame and bed for the audience regarding their personality and interest.Try out Sealy’s mattress selectoron Sealy’s website and all you need to do is just stay still at home and simply answer a few questions, it will determine the best match for you. Simple it’s that!

Find the most suitable Sealy mattress!

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