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How to pick a perfect mattress for a child?

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential for your child’s growth and development. Moving your child into a bed when they have outgrown the cot can be a big milestone. There is no set time to make the transition, but the most common time to make the move is between 18 months and 3-year-old.

Do you know how much sleep does your child need?

Every child is different. According to the general guide, it is recommended that kids should sleep 12-14 hours a day. That being said, choose the right mattress for your child it’s an important part of a child’s health and well-being.

1. Size

A toddler bed is a choice for replacing but not economical. As long as your child is safe and comfortable, the size of the bed shouldn’t matter. As parents know how quickly their children grow, moving straight to a single-sized bed is the economical and perfect choice. A range of mattresses offers custom-made service at Sealy so that to suit your needs of home and family.

2. Comfort

Getting the best support and quality sleep is important for them to start their new day when they have done whole day activities. By choosing the one that provides the best support and cushions with a soothing level of comfort, can help developing bodies with relaxation in their well-rested sleep.

The breathability of the material is another factor to be noted. Higher breathability material gives better performance at air circulation. This will help to maintain body temperature well regulated and improve deep sleep cycles for better health development.

3. Firmness

Even if there are many factors to be considered, firmness should be your priority consideration. With that, you should pay attention to how the mattress response to their bodies with different levels of mattress. The right level of firmness of a mattress should form the spine in a straight line. Bear in mind, keeping their bodies aligned helps kids reach their full growth potential at night.

What kind of mattress is suitable for your child?

The toddler's spine can grow as much as 1.5cm during the night, a result of the intervertebral discs in between their vertebrae filling up with water. With this in mind, you should choose the mattress that provides softness and comfort, and the firmness to prevent them from completely sinking into that. Also, a supportive mattress will help the child well sleep without rolling and fidgeting.

Choosing the right mattress will support and align their growing body, and develop a good sleep habit. Ideally, you can choose one that offers the right level of orthopedic support. Manufacturers such as Sealy invest in research overseen by an Orthopaedic Advisory Board to develop mattresses that support correct spine alignment. Giving your child sleep healthier and soundly – a dream come true!

Besides, Sealy features Unicased® edge support system which provides greater stability. And because edge support creates structure, it can protect your child much less likely from falling

4. Quality and Durability

Within your budget, paying more money upfront to choose the best mattress might actually save you money in the long run. As everyone knows, a good quality mattress will last many years. That’s why durability must be considered.

Tips for your toddlers to get a best night’s sleep

  • A_waterproof mattress coverover the mattress protects it from stains and moisture and enables you to do a quick clean when the inevitable accidents happen. Besides, it helps to maintain firmness and longevity to the materials.

  • An anti-mite antibacterial mattress can provide a restful and healthy night of sleep. Sealy mattress ticking uses Microban®, a professional of antimicrobial technology from the United States. It inhibits the growth of bacteria and mold, thereby helping to prevent the existence of dust mites. This also assists in maintaining the bed fresh and clean, protecting the delicate skin of your child, and bringing your family comprehensive health protection.

If you have any special concerns about the mattress, please visit our Sealy Gallery. Come with your child to find a new bed for them will be a part of their growth milestones.