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Mattress buying guide with Mr. Tsim

As a well-known building inspector in Hong Kong, Mr.Tsim  will walk you through how to choose the best mattress in five main aspects: structure, resilience, safeness, comfortability and appearance.

Have you ever wondered what’s be “actual sleep surface” for mattress or what’s the advantage of titanium alloy coils in a mattress or what’s important to consider for a perfect mattress? In this video, Mr.Tsim walks you through everything you need to know about an ideal mattress to complete your best sleep with ultimate support. Watch to get more tips on choosing bed frame too!

Make choosing the right bed an easier decision with Mr.Tsim’s tips! To learn more about mattress, please visit our website Try out Sealy’s mattress selector to find your Sealy mattress and all sleeping products that are just right for you in a few steps.

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